Friday, May 25, 2012

Waving our Flags

It is officially Memorial Day weekend!  In honor of our Red, White and Blue holidays (July 4th will be here before you know it) we have come up with some new products to help everyone display our love and support for our troops and our country!  They are also great to leave up all summer long to show your support for our athletes as they compete in the summer Olympics :)  Let us know what you think!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best things in life...

One of the best things we have found, about being a part of Embellished Living, is that we get to meet and work with so many fabulous people!  We meet both customers and fellow crafters and artists when we participate in local craft shows.  Every day we are contacted via Etsy, Facebook, and Email by people who are interested in purchasing our product or just to say hi and let us know they like something in our shop. In a sense we get to "talk" to new people every day!  We have all "bumped into" people that live or have lived in our small town or the small towns we each grew up in.  It has just been so much fun getting to chat and be a part of so many different people's lives every day.  The cherry on top is we get to work with some wonderful bloggers and crafters!  We have had so much fun this past year meeting so many bloggers and getting to work with them to spread the word about our companies and our love for what we all do!  They have all been such a blessing and so wonderful to know and work with!

Now, we are partnering with a friend of ours who just began her blogging adventure!  We have known her for 8 years and it is so exciting to help support her new blog, and of course we are so thrilled to yet again get to work with someone so fabulous.  For someone just starting out she already has thousands of pins on Pinterest of some of her DIY projects!  She is shocked but we are not surprised at all.  Where is this wonderful, new, popular blog?  Well, it would be with Kristen over at Hostess with the Motzes!  Check it out!  You won't be disappointed, Kristen has a quick wit and down to earth honesty and her blog is chocked full of creative projects and ramblings about life with kids. Her entertaining stories and engaging style of writing will have you following her blog and liking her on Facebook to see what she will have to say next.  Stop by and tell her we sent you, oh and while you are there enter to win a monogram wreath from Embellished Living, you only have till Friday for the giveaway so hurry ;)