Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quick Rundown

We have been absentee bloggers, yet people still continue to visit our blog!   We feel a little bad that we never have anything new on here.  Life happens.  Work Happens.  Family Happens.  Time slips away and before we know it we haven't blogged a word in like 8 months.  We rock.

Run Down: 
January-February 2013 constant sickness in homes
March 2013 Jacy {me} lost the battle with the table saw, aka cut off 3 finger tips.  Left me down for weeks and permanently  damaged :/
April 2013 Stacie and Chandra had to work like crazy thanks to March event
May 2013 A blog post was made, and then we fell off the face of the planet
June 2013 SUMMER, we all go on vacation and are rejuvenated 
July 2013 Jacy discovers she has to move to Massachusetts due to husbands job, and the other 2 ladies husbands jobs are all over the place too.  Crap!
August 2013 Jacy sells her house in 4 days.  Double Crap!
September 2013 Stacie decides Embellished Living isn't where her heart is anymore and she wants to put her focus on other areas of her life (fyi, EL takes up A LOT of our time, we totally understand and support her) 
October 2013 Jacy moves into a new house in TN, Chandra super stresses about craft shows she suddenly is on her own for, but is a rock star and knocks it out of the park {Jacy was never worried}
November 2013 Chandra and Jacy are reunited in TN for our biggest show of the year! Crazy, busy, super fun working weekend
December 2013 Due to being totally sleep deprived this month is a blur.  We are super thankful to our customers for all of the orders though :)
December 27th- January 4th Chandra and Jacy are reunited again in TN but this time for a non working hang out session.  It was the BEST way to start out the new year!

Now you are all caught up, just in case you were curious.  Lets just say after all that… we are extremely happy and have HOPE that 2014 will be a much better year than 2013.  Past is past and we are looking forward to a great year of home projects, new Embellished Living items, continued friendship and expanding our business in Massachusetts!   Happy New Year.  Yay for 2014!!