Friday, September 9, 2011

Wreaths Galore

From The Nester to Pinterest and every blog inbetween, it's apparent wreaths are the new must have accessory for your wall/door/mantle!

We have definitely caught the "wreath bug" and have run our of doors of our own to display them!  We have them on wreath stands on tables, on our doors and hanging over our mantles in our home.  Check out just a few examples here and the rest on our Facebook page!

This yarn ball wreath (16" in diameter) is perfect for ushering in winter.  $60 (plus S&H)
This argyle wreath (16" in diameter) can be made to order in the colors of your choosing to fit your personal style.  $40 (plus S&H)
This poinsettia wreath (one of our largest at 18" in diameter) would be a perfect addition to your holiday decor.  $50 (plus S&H)
One of our most popular wreaths (12" tall and 9"wide - depending on the letter chosen), the monogram wreath is perfect for a front door or as an accent piece to your gallery wall.  $30 (plus S&H)

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