Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinch us please!

We have two super exciting things that have happened to us that we have been dying to share with you!  

We were recently contacted about doing some PR.  This means we have to make a press kit (crazy, scary and super exciting) and we get to contribute to online resources :)  We are now considered "expert contributors" though we aren't so sure how expert we are, but we have a button to prove it so it must be true, LOL.  Our first online contribution was to a fab site called Pocket Greens, which allowed us to share our story and how we were able to become WAHMs instead of SAHMs with a bit of help from social media.  You can check out the article here

What can you do with a little Passion and Pinterest?

How can things get more exciting for us?  Well, last week we got a new order which is always exciting.   This one was not just another order though, it was from ETSY!  I will let you absorb that for a second...  I mean really, Etsy!  The people who run the biggest handmade craft site and have access to it all?   That is their job, to look at beautiful things all day! We are so honored, and are still in complete shock a week later! I am not sure anything can top that for us, ever!  Unless....  Mrs. First Lady?  What!  Well, we can still dream right ;-)

***Don't forget about the FABULOUS giveaway going on at Cinsarah!  You will be hard pressed to find so many beautiful items just waiting to be sent to you for free, all in one place like this again!  Don't miss your chance!

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  1. Hi, I just found you through the giveaway at Cinsarah. Really hoping to win your gorgeous embellished monogram; it's so pretty! Glad to have found your blog! that's so awesome that Etsy purchased your wreath! I would have been jumping up and down! It's gorgeous though, so makes sense that they'd want it. :)