Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello!  We hope you all had a fabulous holiday!  We all enjoyed our time off.  It was the first time we closed our shop since we opened it!  We are back to work and knocking out orders but I have struggled!  What is it about the month of January that always just feels so Blah!  I don't know about everyone else but I have had a really hard time getting back to "real life" after all of the holiday hoopla.  Seems like the same thing happens every year.  Having a few days of sun has surely helped some though.
Now that January is winding down, I feel like I am finally getting back into the swing of things.  I have several home projects brewing in my mind!  I am hoping to cross many things off of my project list this year.  My resolution for 2013 is to get it together.  It is pretty broad really, and encompasses all aspects of my life.  Balancing time between work, family and home is HUGE and at the top of my list.  I feel like the resolution to get my stuff together in 2013 is a rather large undertaking, but they all go hand in hand really.  Becoming more organized, balancing time, home projects, money, family it all goes together and will make life run smoothly.  Wish me luck!

My first order of business is to realize that I (we moms) can't do it all.  Having a 12 and an 8 year old, my kids are beyond old enough to help out around the house.  They have always had chores but getting them to do them without it being a huge deal has not gone so well in my home.  They find ways to skirt around them.  I hear these excuses a lot "can I just relax for a little while first, I had a long day" or "I have sooooo much homework"  Then they disappear into their bedrooms only to be seen again when they are hungry.  So now the rules are changing.  I went back and forth as to what to do for a chore chart.  Of course I went straight to  Etsy to see what I could find!

My favorites are This one from More than a Memory AK
source: Etsy More than A Memory
This one from Mellow Yellow Decor

source: Etsy Mellow Yellow Decor
I like the idea of the magnets on both, having them see what they need to do and having to physically move them to the done column.  So I finally decided which one I wanted but couldn't decided where in my house I was going to hang it so it was seen by the girls everyday.  It needs to be in their face so they are constantly reminded to actually do them, but I didn't really have a wall I was willing to give up for a chore chart :(  Then it hit me!  The door in my kitchen that leads to my garage, the door that we use multiple times a day, well, that door is metal.  Oh yeah!  I was going to go ahead and place an order through Etsy for the magnets, (gotta support other small businesses) but then I saw the turn around time.  I get why it takes so long, I am just not a patient person.  When I get bit by a project bug and I have it all planned out, I want it done now!  So off to Lowes and Joanns I went for supplies.
Supplies used:
2x2 white tiles
527 glue
mod podge
scalloped punch

I simply made a list of all of the chores they could ever potentially have (and there are a lot) typed them up on my computer and printed them out, including one for each that says "Parents Choice" for anything I forgot ;)   I used my scalloped punch to punch them out of the card stock because it ended up being more forgiving to do that than trying to get everything spaced perfectly when printing.

Then I separated the 2x2 tiles (they come on a sheet) and mod podged each chore to a tile.   You can do several coats of mod podge (letting each coat dry before adding the next) but I didn't.  When I make things for myself I tend to cut corners a bit cause it doesn't have to be perfect if it isn't leaving my house ;)  A coat of sealant over them would give the surface added protection as well.

Once all of that is dry, flip them over and use your 527 or something like it to attach your magnets (make sure you are in a ventilated space, that stuff is potent!)

Next I cut out vinyl to add to my door, and viola! It is done.  Very simple project.  Hopefully very effective as well.  It has only been a week, but my kids are excited about it and are doing it.  I have attached an allowance to it.  Sadly for them, they don't get paid by chore, they get paid by day.  They have to accomplish all things on their list in order to be paid for the day.  Mind you most things on that list are ridiculous and shouldn't have had to be put on a chore chart but alas, they did.  Things like Feed the dog, and put away your lunch box.  Simple things, but things that are a constant struggle in this house.  How do you handle chores in your home?  Do you have a chore chart?  Is it working for you?  I am just hoping ours works longer than a month!  If you are attempting the dreaded chore chart as part of your new year plan, Good Luck!

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