Monday, February 4, 2013

Early Spring

Since Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring, I thought you might enjoy a quick and easy project   with rain boots.  I bought this pair on clearance at Old Navy for about $10.  They weren't very cute, but they were the right price.  Along with the boots, I bought a roll of 2" grosgrain ribbon in a bright color and rummaged through my Goodwill pile for an old sweater.

I also needed scissors, FrayCheck, a ruler and an exacto knife.  Once all that was assembled, I used a ruler to mark two inch marks around the top of the boots, and then cut following the marks with my exacto knife.  I worked from the center of the front of each boot, measured an inch in either direction, drew my line, then measured one inch, drew a line, then two inches, then one inch until I'd worked my way to the back.    I cut the ribbon (approximately two yards per boot) and sealed the ends to prevent fraying.  I used Fraycheck, but you could use a lighter and singe the ends if you don't have any other sealant on hand.  Then I threaded the ribbon through each boot, with the ribbon threaded behind each of the one inch sections,  and tied a bow in the back.

 The final step was cutting the arms off an old sweater to add a cuff.  I didn't attach them, because I don't always want a cuff with the boots.  I didn't sew the cuffs at all, and they've withstood me pulling them on and off with a minimal amount of unraveling.
 The whole project was less than $15, took about 30 minutes and every time I wear them I get compliments.  Best part, the ribbon isn't attached, so it can be pulled out when dirty or when you want match the ribbon to your outfit.

Have fun embellishing your own boots!

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