Monday, October 22, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday ~ Friends

I am one of those rare people that has been lucky enough to have the same friend from when I was 1 year old till today at *cough* 32 *cough*.  As kids we were inseparable and now as adults and living 550 miles apart we still see each other once a year and talk on the phone as often as our busy schedules allow.  She is still one of my best friends and always will be in my life, she is my chosen sister.  I am well aware how rare this feat is, and trust me I do not take it for granted.

She married her high school sweetheart.  Seriously, they were 14 when they started dating.  He proposed at our senior prom.  Now it has been 13 years since their wedding and they have 3 fabulous boys.  They decided that 3 just wasn't enough and she is currently pregnant with baby number 4.  Being that this is their last, she wants to make it special and memorable for her whole family.  She was talking about photo ops and that got me to thinking about Embellished Living products ;)  So here is what I sent and how she used them...

She sent these photo's out on her big 20 week ultrasound day to all her friends and family as a teaser to let us all know the answer would be here soon.  She is a scrapbooker, and seriously, how cute will this page in the baby's album be?

After 3 boys, everyone is hoping that this time they will finally get the girl she has been dreaming of her entire life.  Drum roll please....

So happy for them!  Thank you Rachel for sharing your product photos!  We love seeing how our customers use our products in their lives.  If you have any photos of our products in action we would love to see your pics as well!  You can tag us on facebook or email them :)

Just for fun....
This is us at 2 years old.  I am the clown on the left, she is the clown on the right... fitting in hindsight ;)

This is us last summer at the NKOTB concert together just like we had been so many years earlier in 4th grade.  Don't laugh, it was a fabulous show!!  I again am the clown on the left and she is the clown on the right ;)  Do you have a friend that you've had your entire life?  I hope so, it rocks!

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