Monday, September 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday!

Happy Monday!  Hope you all are enjoying your long Labor Day weekend!  We are working hard to bring you a couple of new wreaths this week! I am really excited to pull the ideas together and share the finished product next Monday :)

In the mean time, I want to talk spoons.  We all use them and love them, but lately I have seen more and more projects using them!  Who would have thought that you could turn a plastic spoon into a work of art?  Well apparently all these folks I am going to show you today saw the possibilities in this everyday household item.

The first one I ever came across was, of course, by the Nester.  She is so fabulous, it makes perfect sense she made a  laurel wreath out of plastic spoons!   She has a tutorial if you would like to make on of these for your home too!
image from 

The Happier Homemaker came up with this hurricane made from plastic spoons.  Another tutorial here to make one of your own!

image from

Now for the piece that inspired this post!  This beauty comes from Addicted 2 Decorating.  Are you kidding me!  Spoons! It is gorgeous!  I may have to follow her fabulous tutorial and make one of these myself!  She put this whole thing together and then painted each spoon!  The color options are endless my friends.

image from
Want more?  Just type in plastic spoons in the search bar on pinterest.  There are a few more creative things people have come up with.  Have you tried any of these projects with plastic spoons?  Any projects of your own? Add the link in the comments, we'd love to check them out!  

 I'm going to leave you with one last plastic spoon image.  Wow
image from
Have a great week!  Happy Crafting!

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