Friday, September 7, 2012

The Best Day

Yesterday was the best day!  It started with the three of us signing a rental contract for a few feet of retail space (more details to come!) and ended with two of us checking out The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale.

The sale, hosted by The Strawberry Patch, had numerous vendors in attendance all of whom were fantastic.  We loved browsing from shop to shop, despite the Tennessee heat and humidity, and found so many gorgeous items that we wanted to bring home.  Unfortunately, most of them were left behind, however, we took plenty of photos!

Beware, this post is photo heavy but it includes some serious eye candy.

Numbers and letters are everywhere in decor these days and this one couldn't be cuter.  Aqua distressed paint on a 4 foot wooden K, the only thing better is that you can get it in a 2 foot or 8 foot version as well.  I'm decorating a girls room in my head as I type, with this letter in the 8ft size as a focal point.

 Check out this Vintage Bus Stop sign from Athena's DIY Home!  It's what drew me into this booth and I really wanted to bring it home with me.  My son LOVED buses when he was younger and I'd love to hang this in his room, sadly we aren't quite ready to decorate his big boy room so I had to leave it behind.
 A cute purse with green trellis fabric inside and a sweet flower to embellish the front by Down A Dirt Road.
Loved this little telephone table from Beautifully aNew and thought about bringing it home.  At $65, we're guessing it was gone before the sneak peek was over.
 This ADORABLE lamp shade/chandy was from the same shop.  Wanted it for my daughter's room, but again, we aren't yet ready to decorate her big girl room.    Did you notice it's hung by rope?  So cute!
And then, a celebrity sighting!  Beyonce appeared to be visiting Best Friends Bakery.  Sadly, we didn't try any of her treats but they looked amazing.
Finally we made it the heart of the barn and found The Strawberry Patch.  We weren't disappointed.  How cute is that chandy painted blue?
 And we wanted to put one of these...
 On this beauty.  Look at the door knobs as drawer pulls.  Swoon.
After drooling our way through The Strawberry Patch we stumbled onto this lady.  She had me at yellow.   At $139, I think she's worth every penny.
 Three French Hens also had some fun bunting.  Yes, please!
And look at this candle sconce on the wall of their booth.  Not something I would normally look twice at, until they painted it ORANGE.  Now I love it!

 The rest of the photos are from Southern Honey Workshop, a collaboration of a couple different shops, I believe.  Unfortunately I didn't get much information other than their name, however, they're opening a shop in Nashville by the end of the month.
 Love the colors on this side table.
 This little unassuming beauty from Kim Elkins Designs found it's way home with me and now proudly sits in my studio.
 Who wouldn't love a Mustache pillow?

And the last purchase of the day, some Annie Sloan Chalk Pain.  I can't even express how excited I am to try it out.

A fun and fruitful shopping experience, but the best part, meeting so many super talented women!  If you're local, check them out and tell them we sent you!

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