Monday, September 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday!

I know it is almost over, but Happy Monday!  Today I spent most of my day running around getting some much needed errands done, all in preparation for next week.  You see, here in Tennessee our kids all have this wonderful thing called fall break.  When I first heard about it, after growing up in Ohio where there is no such thing as a fall break from school, I couldn't believe that kids needed a break after being in school for less than 2 months.  I mean, Give. me. a. break.  Now, however, it is my FAVORITE thing ever!  I love fall break.  Not very many places offer this so it is the PERFECT time to take a vacation.  We have enjoyed many family trips over fall break through the years.  This time I am pulling out my passport and along with my hubby and some good friends (Chandra included)  heading to Cozumel, while my kiddos get some special time with my mom who they don't get to see very often.  It is win win!  So Saturday afternoon I will be here enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean 
Before I get to enjoy all of that, I have to finish all of this.  I got 8 wrapped today but still have to add  the finishing touches and get them shipped to their new owners!  Plus a couple other orders that have come in.  We want to get all the current orders shipped before we leave!  We are running out of time! Orders placed prior to this Wednesday will be filled before we leave on our trips, all other orders will be filled when we get home :)  

Have a great week!  Miscellaneous Monday posts will be back on October 8th :)  

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