Friday, November 23, 2012

Fan or Foe?

Black Friday.

Love it or leave it?

I've hit the stores on Black Friday less than a handful of times.  The first time, maybe four years ago, was the best.  Jacy and I shopped together, started at 1 am,  got some good deals, enjoyed some Starbucks, and almost completed our holiday shopping.  There were crowds and lines, but people were respectful and most shoppers were having fun.  I can't say the same about the employees, regarding the fun aspect.  Black Friday shopping done after that first year has been less successful and much less enjoyable.

This year, I'm going with the #BlockFriday approach.  I'm not sure if it's a full on trend or something started by Holstee but the idea is to take back Black Friday, reflect on what you value most, and do that.  As stores have begun opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving, my heart goes out to all the employees who miss Thanksgiving meals and traditions with family and friends.  This year I may browse online, but you won't find me in any stores.  Instead, I'm lucky enough to spend the day with my family, finishing up a project, and putting up Christmas decorations.

So what about you?  Were you brave enough to face the masses at 8 pm last night to get those great doorbusters advertised?

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