Friday, November 2, 2012

I need inspiration!

Congratulations to Amanda for winning the mustache and lips wine glass giveaway at My Un-Entitled Life!  We hope you love them!

Before the advent of Embellished Living, I spent a fair amount of time following crafty and DIY blogs. I also spent a fair amount of time on projects in my own home.  Our last home was a brand new builder grade home when we moved in.  During the 6 years we lived there, we painted every single wall in the house, replaced all the carpet with a good laminate, added crown molding to a couple rooms, tiled the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room, built a fence, landscaped, and I redecorated each of the bedrooms at least twice.  Our family grew, and our house wasn't big enough, so it was time to move on, but, wow, it was hard.  Many of those projects were done with the help of family and the house had a lot of sentimental value for me.  We're 2.5 years into our new home and I've yet to make my mark.  Only my eldest son's room has been painted, and minus a few accessories, is done.  The rest of the house has furniture, artwork, rugs, some window treatments...but it's basic.  It's time to spend a little time scouring those DIY blogs that I loved.  Time to search for inspiration and start making our house feel like our home.  Between Pinterest and Blogs, surely I'll see something that will encourage me to pull out that paintbrush and start adding life to these beige walls!  In my quest for inspiration, I came across SAS Interiors blog post for today.  While it relates to furniture and not walls, the nightstand makeover from Mandi at Vintage Revivals is amazing and worth checking out, you won't believe how she got that finish!  That nightstand caused me to click over to her site and I came across a post for building a simple barn door.  Not only am I loving her tutorial and thinking of where I can put one of those handmade beauties (with a different finish) in my home, but I also loved the stenciled wall behind the barn door.  Thank you Mandi and SAS Interiors for giving me some gorgeous inspiration and plenty of food for thought.

Tell me, what's your favorite DIY/Makeover/Crafty blog?

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