Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

We had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed by our local newspaper this morning!  It was so fun talking about and sharing what we love.  The article will be promoting Hollyday Marketplace which is happening this Saturday from 9-5 at the Embassy Suites on Medical Center.  Be sure to come by our booth to say hello!

We learned a new word today when we were talking to the reporter...  Craftermath!

A term coined by her husband - this is the wake of disaster that is left behind after the crafting is finished for the night.  And, boy do I have it in spades all over my home.  Here is just a peek:

This is just one tiny section of my personal craftermath that is present after our last show, and it's the most organized of the mess.  Thankfully, my family just walks past it, and they rarely roll their eyes.

Are you able to keep your craftermath to a minimum?  Tell me how!  My husband would appreciate it ;)

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